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logo-vegfestVegfest is an annual vegetarian food festival held in numerous locations around the world including Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City, Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Jacksonville, Florida, Tampere and similar events in San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa and St. Catharines. The festivals promote veganism and vegetarianism, healthy lifestyles, environmentalism, community spirit and animal rights.

Notable speakers/presenters:

  1. John Salley
  2. Tal Ronnen
  3. Rory Freedman
  4. Harry Pianko[2]
  5. Howard Lyman
  6. Jim Corcoran
  7. Dr. Joel Kahn
  8. Victoria Moran
  9. Nathen Runkle
  10. Jim McNellis
  11. Celeste Ivey
  12. Dr. Kerrie Saunders
  13. Olivia Neilson
  14. Gene Baur
  15. Dr. Michael Greger
  16. Brenda Davis, R.D
  17. Doug McNish
  18. George Vutetakis
  19. Jasmin Singer
  20. Carol Leifer

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