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Vegan Friendly Dessert – Chocolate Avocado Brownies – V For Veg: Veggies

The queen of fine vegan chocolate, Allison Rivers Samson, has noted “a recent revolution in salty and spicy chocolate flavors.” She’s added chipotle cinnamon fudge to her Allison’s Gourmet line. In this fudge, “warming cinnamon adds extra depth while a touch of chipotle chili spices it up without setting your mouth ablaze.”

In addition to side-by-side counterpoint, chocolate can blend with other flavors like, say, avocado. Seriously.

“Avocado has a subtle taste that’s easily overpowered by the strong flavor of chocolate” said Carley Leibowitz, a baker and sous chef for Miss Rachel’s Pantry in South Philly. Her specialty is chocolate-avocado brownies. “Having the avocado in there adds moisture and helps the brownie to hold together better and not get crumbly.”

Leibowitz adds that with avocado in the mix, “you’re replacing some of the unhealthy saturated fats [plentiful in eggs and butter] with healthy, monounsaturated fats. Plus you’re getting vitamin C, minerals and fiber.”  Read more ……

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